…it has been a long while

November 10, 2008

So life has been busy and I have not posted for a long time, so I thought that I would catch everybody up to the present day.

Dorm life is going great. The girls in my dorm are amazing and I have been truly blessed with each and everyone of them being in this dorm! As well I am rooming with Stephanie Linker which is going great! We have been super busy with school work, dorm, and well a boyfriend :) But what is life without a bit of chaos.

I have been lucky to have done quite a bit over the past few months now that I am so much closer to Matt (5 minutes down the road to be exact). I am loving being able to see him so much more often then the summer. We have gone on many trips to waterfalls, out for dinner, family functions and let us not forget…Walmart! :) Things are going great and I could not ask for anything else.

As well I have been lucky to be around for the birth of Joshua Peter Speelman and Nathan Ezekiel Ennema. They are so adorable. I ask that you please pray for Nathan as he was born 11 weeks premature and has been going through alot of treatments thus far and please pray for the family as well as they have a busy road ahead.

Thanks for checking in and hopefully I keep remembering to post :)



2 Responses to “…it has been a long while”

  1. Are you implying that I’m chaotic? I suppose this is true ;)

  2. cbreimer said

    but that’s a good chaos, right Amanda??/

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