a year already!

March 11, 2009

I can not believe it. A year has already past since Matt and I have started dating. It has been great! Let’s just say Matt pulled out some impressive stuff yesterday! On Sunday we went to the beach front as this was our first outing after we started dating, we had not been back since then and it was nice to go back and see the area where we had taken pictures. Good thing Matt decided to do this Sunday as Tuesday [our one year] was ALL rain. Unfortunately I had class (like most students) so it was not till 3 that the activities started taking place.

Location 1: Walmart! A common destination for Matt and I on weekends as it seems that we need to catch up on the weekly deals or check out crazy ladies running down isles pushing their carts to get the last pumpkin pie! A great start to a great evening.

Location 2: Off to Matt’s house to surprise eachother with out gifts for one another. I had no idea what was coming and boy was I ever shocked! Matt asked me to sit in a chair and close my eyes. As I opened my eyes there he was one candle lit and a guitar in his hands. He had written me a song! I could not believe it. It was amazing and I loved every word and note. Then he pulled out a small wrapped gift and a beautiful card. I had recieved a cross necklace from my parents for my profession of faith 5 years back and I had lost in in highschool. I had never found a cross necklace that would ever replace that necklace and as I open the small box the most amazing, delicate cross necklace was in my hand. It is beautiful and filled with small diamonds. I was certainly blown away. But the night was not over.

Location 3: La Spaghett the most amazing and smallest italian restaurant. It was a very small but the portions were big and the food tasted AMAZING! I definately suggest this restaurant by far. The restaurant only had ten tables so Matt had made reservations which I am glad he did as we would have not been seated. It was a very nice candle lit dinner.

Location 4: Well where else would you go then Tim Hortons. It was Matt’s and I’s first date and continued to be many  afterwards. Oh and I won a coffee!!

Location 5: Back to Matt’s house we go with a movie in hand to watch for the rest of the night. unfrotunately a dud – [Rachel Getting Married] Then another trick up Matt’s sleeve as he had downloaded our song “You and Me” and started to play it and asked me to dance.

It was the most wonderful night ever and I wish it never had to end. I could not have wished for anything else. Now unfortunately back to school as the papers and presentations are coming up very fast!


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